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Brainy Bunch Tahfiz 

  1. An intensive Qur'anic memorization program aimed at completing the memorization of the Quran within ONE YEAR or less.

  2. Fully boarding program

Brainy Bunch Dream Tahfiz Program (DTP)

Brainy Bunch Dream Tahfiz Program (DTP) is an optional program offered to 12 - 13 years old of Brainy Bunch students before they pursue their study in high school level, which has established in Brainy Bunch since year 2014.

During its early operation, DTP was focusing on mastering arabic language and fundamental of Islamic studies, and memorization of some Juzu only.


After almost 6 years, at the end of 2020, Brainy Bunch start a new journey to have a collaboration with Akademi Al-Quran Amal Lillah (AKMAL) to run the DTP intensively.

This will make most of the operations and the procedures of DTP will be subject to AKMAL’s standard operation and guidance.

AKMAL is a Tahfiz Academy which focus on producing the huffaz within 1 year or less.

It was founded by Haji Hussin, who has 9 hafiz children from various type of madrasah which using different methods.

After the agreement was sealed, starting from 2021, DTP was rebrand to a new name; AKMAL Brainy Bunch Dream Tahfiz Program (ABBAD).



To become a leader in Fast Track Tahfiz Academy by 2025.


To produce huffaz within 1 year or less.

Producing huffaz those who practicing 12 values of ABBAD

Organizational Chart

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.


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